#52tarot: week one (attempt one)

Ok, so this is the prompt for this week (or last week, since I’m late as always):

Pick a deck (any deck) and pull out The Magician and The High Priestess.

Place them next to each other.

It has been a long time since they got a chance to chat – even though they’re neighbors – so it’s time for a tea party.

What do they discuss? 


But here’s the thing: I pulled out the two cards from almost all the decks I have with me at the moment (which, sadly, isn’t very many), and I’m having trouble getting them to talk to each other. I think I’ll leave them alone for a while and see if they will open up later 🙂 Right now I’m leaning towards using either the Fournier Marseille (middle left), the Silicon Dawn (center) or the tiny Fairy Tarot (bottom). But who knows, maybe I’ll even have a few new decks by the time I get back to this thing…

Here’s the link to the intro post 🙂

And the link to this week’s post 🙂



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