Llewellyn’s new policy…

I’m tempted to call it the emperor’s new clothes – ie. bullshit, but well… at least it’s better than it was, so I guess it’s not really that bad. Except it’s still fucking annoying. Link to the thing is HERE.

Copyrighted Tarot Card Image Reproduction and Use Guidelines

Llewellyn Worldwide and Lo Scarabeo strive to protect the copyrights of its authors and artists on the titles that it publishes including “electronic reproduction rights,” which includes the scanning of cards and/or text for display via computer, electronic device and Internet. We constantly review new technologies to make this a better experience for everyone involved.

Llewellyn and Lo Scarabeo Tarot card images can be used Free of Charge under the following guidelines provided there is proper and complete attribution. Not to exceed 25 cards per each Tarot deck title.

Tarot Deck Reviews. Tarot card images used solely to facilitate or enhance reviews of Tarot decks via print, on-line or interactive or social media not involving Tarot readings.

Tarot Deck Marketing. The reproduction of Tarot card images used solely to advertise or promote the sale of Tarot cards, decks or other products manufactured or distributed by Llewellyn Worldwide.

Electronic Tarot Readings. Including electronic reproduction of Tarot images to display Tarot cards to illustrate the results of email reading services conducted by a person.

Free Tarot education. Instructional materials used to teach about Tarot, including articles, without a commercial aspect and not involving Tarot readings.

Sample attribution for Llewellyn Worldwide: Full Deck Title by author and/or artist © year Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.

Sample attribution for Lo Scarabeo: Full Deck Title by author and/or artist © year Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino, Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission.

Commercial use of Tarot card images

Authorization is required for the reproduction and use of Tarot deck images in the applications listed below.

Printed Materials. Tarot cards images used for display in a book, brochure or printed advertisement.

Automated Electronic Tarot Readings. Including electronic reproduction of Tarot images to display Tarot cards to be used in self-service, computer-generated or computer-automated programs, software or applications (Apps).

Media. Tarot cards images for display in film, television, videos, television advertisements or multimedia presentations.

Commercial Tarot Education. Instructional materials used to teach about Tarot, including articles, where students are charged fees, not involving automated self-service Tarot readings.

I’m not a professional reader, so the last bit of this doesn’t really apply to me. I don’t make any money from this at all and don’t plan to either. If anyone makes money from my instagram feed with slightly shitty card photos, it’s the deck creators… The same goes for everyone on youtube who post deck reviews and flip throughs. It’s all basically free advertising for the decks. And with this new rule of only 25 card images per review, we’re screwed. Some people really want to see *all* the cards in a deck before they buy it, and with time and effort and multiple google and youtube searches I suppose they could, but who the fuck wants to do that? Saves everyone time and hassle to just show the whole fucking deck in a single video. Like, I guess four people could team up and show 25 cards each? And then you could hope to find the last three cards if you google them? Heh. It’s ridiculous. I’m definitely not gonna ask Llewellyn for permission every fucking time I want to make a 6 minute video of one of their decks. Screw that. So I guess I won’t be doing those anymore…

I get why they’re doing this, though, I do… but it still feels overly protective. And of course you’re not supposed to scan the cards. That’s their biggest fear, it seems, that someone posts good quality scans that others might save and make bootleg decks from. But I mean, if someone manages to make a fake deck from my shaky handheld videos filmed in shitty lighting with a mobile phone, they deserve a fucking prize, not a fine. And if some poor fuck actually buys that deck off ebay or whatever, then that’s their fucking loss, not the artist’s. They’re gonna have to buy the real thing anyway, so yeah… But again, scans are different, I get that. But all someone has to do to earn easy cash, is to buy *one* deck and then go nuts with scanning and printing. But I don’t actually see any of that addressed in the policy above..?

And also, I see they mention Lo Scarabeo as well, and I’m wondering if they speak for LS in general, or just in the US? I know that Llewellyn is the exclusive publisher/distributor of Lo Scarabeo in the US, but what about the LS decks that I, a Norwegian, buy from places like Amazon.co.uk? These decks have no fucking thing to do with Llewellyn at all, so I’m not sure if the same policy applies to them. I’ll have to check LS’s policy and see what they say… (In Europe, we have the choice between Lo Scarabeo and Llewellyn decks, and from now on I’ll probably buy the LS versions, even though they cost more.)


In conclusion, I won’t be making videos of the Llewellyn decks I have, and I won’t be getting any more of them any time soon either. Between this mess and the shitty new cardstock that they refuse to replace (they’re changing printers, but the pile of decks they already have is going to sell out first), I won’t be getting any new decks from them in the near future. Maybe when their cardstock is better, but who the fuck knows how long that’ll take. Especially now that people have been boycotting them over this whole policy crap. Sucks for the artists, who won’t sell their decks, and sucks for me, because there are a few Llewellyn decks out there that I still really want…


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