Deck of the day: Deviant Moon Tarot


By Patrick Valenza

Publisher: US Games (2008, 2014)

Type: Tarot deck (78 cards, Justice is 8, Strength is 11)

Suits: Wands, Swords, Pentacles & Cups

Court cards: Page, Knight, Queen, King

Size: 13 x 6.6 cm


Comes in a tuck box (which I no longer have, so I made a bag) with a booklet. There are two versions of this deck, the first one has white borders and golden titles and the newer version is borderless with black titles. There are some slight color differences between the editions, but it’s not really noticeable unless you see the cards side by side. One edition of the bordered version came with a fold-out spreadsheet for a custom spread called the Lunatic spread, for 10 cards. The spread is in the booklet as well. You get both upright and reversed meanings for all the cards. There is also a great big guidebook published separately.


Here you can see the color difference I was talking about, especially in the title of Ace of Coins (and some in Cups). Some cards just have a more yellow tone, but it doesn’t necessarily cover the entire card. It’s weird, like some sort of misprint. I have no idea if this is just my deck, or if it’s on all of them…

Court cards

Available on Amazon 🙂

Note: Pictures show the borderless edition. I also have the bordered version, which I’ve trimmed.


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