Lenormand cards about work

2016-06-22 09.10.09

I thought I’d make a little post about the cards in the Lenormand deck that can have something to do with work, business or employment. As far as I understand it, this is one of the major differences between the different traditions. I started learning from Donnaleigh’s youtube videos, and I think she mentioned once that she follows the French traditions, so I suppose that means that I do too 🙂

By the way, Donnaleigh has a good video on this subject as well! This post is just about how I apply meanings to my cards – you may follow a different tradition, or simply do it some other way 🙂

14 – The Fox

2016-06-22 09.09.05
(Mystical Lenormand, Dreaming Way Lenormand, Brittas Wahrsagekarten)

This card is about cleverness – the ability to make a living for yourself. Self-employment. In addition to functioning as an adjective (clever, smart, sneaky, devious, lying, etc), it can mean work, most often a smaller job. Possibly a side job or a temporary assignment. For me, it usually just means work, since most of my jobs are small and temporary, and I’m not the main earner in the house.


15 – The Bear

2016-06-22 09.13.25
(Mystical Lenormand, Piatnik, Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand)

This is bigger work, like an actual business, but it can also be a boss or manager of some sort. Someone wealthier or more important than the Fox worker. While the Fox is working on the floor or behind some small desk, the Bear has the big corner office with a view. It may also mean the main income in a household, as opposed to the Fox.


19 – The Tower

2016-06-22 09.11.14
(Leiding Lenormand, Dreaming Way Lenormand, ASS Lenormand)

This is the actual business, the corporation (or actual building) where the Fox and the Bear are employed. A brand or chain of stores. A hierarchy.


I like how Donnaleigh puts these three cards in a hierarchy, much like I’ve done here, because it makes sense to me. Not trying to steal or take credit for her ideas! I just happen to agree 🙂

34 – The Fish

2016-06-22 09.14.09
(Leiding Lenormand, Dreaming Way Lenormand, ASS Lenormand)

This is not exactly a work card, but it is all about the money, so it’s definitely related 🙂 This is money like a more steady income (rather than winning the lottery, which would be the Clover or the Bouquet), or money you’ve earned some way or other.

Moon & Anchor

Other cards may be the Moon or the Anchor, but those belong to a different tradition (German, I think?) and I can’t really say what’s what.

2016-06-22 09.11.53
(Mystical Lenormand, Piatnik, Brittas Wahrsagekarten)
2016-06-22 09.12.35
(Piatnik, Dreaming Way Lenormand, Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand)

I never use the Moon for anything strictly work related (unless your reputation is connected to your job), but I can sometimes read the Anchor as the thing that ties you to a place – such as a job. Mainly, though, I have other meanings for those two.

I do try to stay with the meanings (and tradition) I’ve chosen, because mixing it up and having too many cards mean the same thing will make everything too vague, and with too many possibilities. The whole point of Lenormand is to be as specific as possible, and for that you need to have just a few meanings of every card, and not have any cards that mean the same things.

About the tag I use: I’ve borrowed this from a challenge started on tumblr last year, because I’m planning to copy the posts I made for that on my tumblr over to this blog and then add to it with some new posts as well. Keep the project alive, so to speak 🙂 It’s not my tag, though, so don’t credit me for it.


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