Deck of the day: Le Tarot Noir


By Matthieu Hackiére & Justine Ternel

Publisher: Éditions Véga (2013)

Type: Marseille Tarot (78 cards, Justice is 8, Strength is 11, non-scenic pips)

Suits: Épées (Swords), Bâtons (Wands), Deniers (Pentacles) and Coupes (Cups)

Size: Ridiculously huge (14 cm x 10.5 cm)

Backs: Not reversible


Comes in a box set with a guidebook. The box is hinged and has no closing mechanism, such as a magnet, and the cards have to be split in two piles to fit in there. Also they’ll rattle around without their plastic waistbands (which were of shitty quality and will snap any moment now). But there’s pretty gilded edges 🙂

Guidebook: 128 pages, all in French. Has full-page color photos of each card, but only the Majors and Aces have their own page of text. Each of the court ranks get one page of text together. The numbered pips only have photos. It’s printed on glossy paper and seems like a high-quality print, but my book literally fell apart the second time I looked through it. Got a partial refund, so I’m good 🙂 I don’t read French anyway…


Available on Amazon UK 🙂

Full flip through here 🙂


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