Deck of the day: Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights


By Léon Carré (artist)

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo (2006)

Type: Tarot deck (78 cards, Justice is 8, Strength is 11)

Suits: Swords, Wands, Pentacles & Chalices

Some of the Majors have different names: The High Priestess = The Venerable Woman, The Hierophant = The Venerable Man, Justice = Harmony, Strength = Courage, The Hanged Man = The Bound Man, The Tower = Danger.


Comes in a tuck box with a generic booklet in several languages, meanings are not deck specific at all. If only there were a little note about which of the 1001 Nights stories are depicted in each card… Also, as always, the cards should’ve been borderless so that the art would be bigger, because the details are really hard to see :/ And ugh, those damn multilingual borders…

Available on Amazon 🙂

Full flip through here 🙂



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