New arrivals in June

Since the beginning of June, when I came home to stay with my mother while I work during the summer, I’ve received quite a few new babies 🙂 I suppose it’s a kind of reward for myself, I have something to look forward to after work, which is physically quite hard, sometimes hectic, and sometimes takes for fucking ever. I count the days until my next package arrives, and after a shitty day (literally) at work, it’s all worth it when a new deck or two is waiting for me 🙂 Healthy? Maybe not. Good for my economy? Most definitely not. Fun? Hell yeah 😀

2016-06-30 20.21.59

First to arrive was the Enchanted Tarot. This has been on my list for at least a year, but for some reason I kept pushing it down in favor of other decks. I finally bought it from Amazon, because it was the cheapest, even though it would take much longer to arrive. So I ordered it in good time before I left our apartment, and it arrived here a week after I did. Perfect timing 🙂

2016-06-30 20.24.04

Next I got the Leiding Lenormand (aka Lenormand Wahrsagekarten). Same story there, I’d known about it for a long time but never got it. Finally ordered it from German Amazon because it was the cheapest option, since I was getting some beading books from there anyway 🙂

2016-06-30 20.22.23

The next bit of shopping I did was a fancier notebook to do my tarot journaling in (a Leuchtturm, ooooo), the Stretch Tarot, Dreaming Way Lenormand, and the Winged Enchantment Oracle. I was so bummed when I missed out on the Stretch Tarot kickstarter, especially because I’d been following the creation of the deck on tumblr for ages. But luckily there were still decks left now that I finally had the money 🙂 And of course the Dreaming Way I just had to have, since the Tarot is one of my favorite decks 😀

2016-06-30 20.22.52

After that I got this pretty flower deck, Tarot des Fleurs, which is really an oracle deck. I found it on French Amazon, but because of ridiculous shipping costs, I ordered it from eBay instead 😀

2016-06-30 20.23.22

Got the big version of the Fairy Tarot, of which I’ve had the mini version for years. I really like it, but it’s just too small for me to use, plus you can barely see the very pretty artwork. So now I have the “proper” Fairy Tarot and the book! I didn’t even realize it existed until recently, and I just had to have it, because the booklet doesn’t really explain much about the art…

2016-06-30 20.25.10

Just yesterday I got this little Sibilla in German. I’m not sure how to translate the title… And I got a pack of extra cards for the Mystical Lenormand! It’s my favorite lenormand 🙂

And in addition to all these goodies, I have even more coming… One is a deck from Amazon that’s out of print but they’re looking for a copy for me, another is from Amazon US that’s on the way, a third is a kickstarter that’s supposed to be ready in July (but they’ll have to be quick if it’s gonna reach me before August), one lenormand deck from Etsy, and a few more that I ordered just a couple of days ago. Exciting times! 😀 The update post at the end of July is gonna be longer than this one…




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