DIY divination: Round Lenormand


This was the first deck I made, and I made it because I was anxious to try lenormand and the first deck I ordered (Under the Roses) took its sweet time getting to me… Turned out it was returned to the store, so I never even got it, until months later when I decided to buy it again. This took its time as well, though, I think it took me almost a year to finally get all the cards done… And by that time I’d made a couple other decks, but still – this was my first πŸ™‚


Drawn freehand with pencil on cardboard (the backs of my empty notebooks), then finished with black pen and colored with felt tip pens. The white bits are done with the white-out stuff you erase mistakes with. I decided not to put any numbers or titles on the cards because my handwriting is shit, and also I didn’t want to clutter them up.

2015-10-25 00.44.42

Some of the images are quite personal, like the cat (instead of the dog), which is my mother’s, the blue house (also my mother’s), the fox doodle and people faces I learned to draw when I was little, the ship is the Titanic, which I was super into as a kid, the snake is my first tattoo, the tower is a light house because I grew up on an island, puffins are really important where I’m from, the stars is my star sign… and so on πŸ™‚

2015-12-14 00.38.50

Some of these cards might get redone at some point, because I feel some of them came out a bit boring. I want a different hear, for instance, and maybe a different coffin… And I’ll probably do a dog, but I went with the cat first because they’re so much easier to draw πŸ˜›

Puffins are the best birds πŸ™‚

The front of the cards is covered with clear contact plastic that I rubbed really hard to make it stick well and to remove any tiny air bubbles that tend to make it a little bit foggy. I cut the cards by hand after I put the plastic on to make sure there weren’t any loose edges. The backs are still blank and unprotected, and I don’t really know what to do about them either…



2015-12-14 00.39.27
Sun and Moon, without faces πŸ˜€

(Note: I don’t actually have this deck with me as I write this post, and the images are what I had on my phone and pulled from my instagram. Hence a few duplicate cards. I’ll do a full flip through of the deck and put it on my YouTube as soon as I’ve made the extra cards. Probably in August πŸ™‚ )


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