Lenormand cards about communication


Part three of my Lenormand rambles, this one all about talking 🙂

12 – The Birds

(ASS Lenormand, Leiding Lenormand, Mystical Lenormand

The birds chirp and make noise, it’s what (most) birds do. And this card is about talking, making noise, using your voice. It can be singing, talking, anything to do with vocalizing. It’s also a conversation, and I don’t see any reason why non-verbal speech, such as sign language shouldn’t be included here. It’s still talking 🙂 The point here is the communication between two or a few people, as long as it’s in person (as opposed to the letter, which is in writing) or talking on the phone. Gossip, small talk, chit chat.

27 – The Letter

(Leiding Lenormand, Unforgettable Lenormand, Piatnik)

Any messages that are put in writing, like letters, shopping lists, receipts, emails, telegrams… and morse code, I suppose? This can also be a conversation, as long as it’s written. Like passing notes back and forth in class 😛

1 – The Rider

(Leiding Lenormand, Unforgettable Lenormand, Brittas Wahrsagekarten)

I’m including this here because, like the letter, it can mean a message, but it can also be a package, something delivered by a courier. And sending packages back and forth counts as communication, right? 🙂


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