DIY divination: Tiny playing card lenormand


This is the second lenormand deck I made. Really quick and easy, I think it took only three hours. I made this because I wanted to learn the playing card of the lenormand, and with most decks I just end up looking at the card image and not paying much attention to the playing card insert. With this, the playing card is the main thing, with just the number and title at the bottom. Everyone else was making their lenormand decks from real playing cards, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write on my cards… I even bought a cheap-ass deck for this purpose, but nope… So I made these instead πŸ™‚

I used gray paper, 150gsm, traced around a mini playing card.Β The drawings are black gel pen and colored felt tip pens. I covered the front with clear contact plastic, and the back with black self-adhesive contact plastic. They are all cut by hand, my corner rounder wouldn’t handle two layers of plastic…

(Again I’m making this post when I don’t have the deck with me… Will update with more and better photos and maybe even a YouTube video when I get back to them in August/September.)


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