Deck of the day: Flower Reading Cards

2016-07-05 19.39.45

By Cheralyn Darcey

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing (Dec 2015 / Apr 2016)

Type: Oracle deck (36 cards)

Size: 14 x 9.5 cm

2016-07-05 19.39.21

Comes in a hinged box that closes with a magnet, with a guidebook. The guidebook fits the box, but the cards sit in a cardboard bit that doesn’t hold them very well in place once the plastic waistband is off…

Guidebook: 95 pages, each card gets a full-page color picture and about a page of text. There are also a few botanical facts about the flowers and where they grow, and in the back there’s even a glossary of botanical terms. There are four spreads, for five, seven and eight cards.

Available on Amazon πŸ™‚

Full flip through here πŸ™‚

Note: After I uploaded my flip through of this deck, where I complained about the cardstock in the description, Cheralyn commented and offered to look into why the cardstock was not as good as it should be, if I would send her my deck so she could pass it on to the publisher and then send me a new one. I thought this was very cool of her, but I declined, because shipping this deck back to Australia would cost me as much as a new deck. I took another look at my deck, and I realized that the cardstock isn’t the problem, the problem is that it’s cut from the back instead of the front, so that you get that little sharp edge around the front of the cards, and the cards are slightly concave. I do still feel like the cut itself isn’t super good, though, they are a little more fuzzy around the corners than they should be. All my other reading card decks from Rockpool (well, both of them) have not been like this.


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