My lenormand card meanings

So here’s the repost of my tumblr post for the #hellolenny challenge that was started over there last year. There are a few changes, as I’ve learned a lot during the past year 🙂

1.  Rider (0): news, information, visitor, quick movement, passing through
2.  Clover (+): small fortune/luck, tiny treat/reward, small gamble, grass/greenery
3.  Ship (0): transportation/travel, foreign, international, exploration/adventure, commerce
4.  House (0): close family/friends, property, home, father
5.  Tree (0): health, long time, slow growth, family history/ancestors, legacy
6.  Clouds (-): confusion, misunderstanding, delay, depression, unpleasant person, storms
7.  Snake (-/0): overt lies, deceit, jealousy, hurtful, a competing person, distraction, long and thin
8.  Coffin (-): over, painful ending, sickness, death, grief, box
9.  Bouquet (+): big luck, surprise, gift, talent, generosity, flowers
10.  Scythe (-/0): sarcasm, sharpness, pain, quick elimination, separation, harvest
11.  Broom/Whip (-/0): repetition, pattern, sex, sweeping away, painful, punishment, abuse
12.  Birds (0): talking, singing, gossip, two/few people, pair, older couple
13.  Child (0): naïve, simple, new, beginning, child/youth, play, curiosity
14.  Fox (-/0): covert lies, manipulator, conman, clever, small job, entrepreneur, hobby
15.  Bear (0): boss/manager, authority, strength, wealth, big job, parents, protective
16.  Stars (+): hope, wishes, many, multiplying, spreading, internet
17.  Stork (+): relocating, temporary move, pregnancy, birth/delivery, changes/cycle
18.  Dog (+): loyal, friend, trustworthy, a pet
19.  Tower (0): corporate, institution, hierarchy of people, rules, isolation, boundaries
20.  Garden (0/+): crowd of people, party, celebration, public event, large meeting/convention, network, social
21.  Mountain (-): obstacle, difficult process, uphill climb, time consuming
22.  Path (0): choice/decisions, discernment, time of change, a split
23.  Mice (-): diminishing, thief, disease, mistake, anxiety, chaos, pests
24.  Heart (+): love, romance, passion, heart
25.  Ring (+): promise, commitment, relationship, contract, binding, jewelry
26.  Book (0): secrets, learning, school, knowledge, authorship, publishing, book
27.  Letter (0): written correspondence, message, printed materials, prescription
28.  Man (0): male, significator, significant other
29.  Woman (0): female, significator, significant other
30.  Lilies (0): trust, elder, purity, peace, honest, well-intended, wisdom
31.  Sun (+): happiness, joy, exposure, visible, electricity, ego, vitality
32.  Moon (0/+): reputation, appearance, facade, psychic, dreams, delusion
33.  Key (+): clues/answers, epiphany, turning point, secret knowledge, ability
34.  Fish (0/+): money,, assets, increase, abundance, luxury, sperm
35.  Anchor (+): staying put, stable, security, obligations
36.  Cross (-): burden, sacrifice, oppression, religion, fate

The + / – / 0 means positive, negative, neutral.

This list is by no means complete, but the point of the exercise was to find just a few (fewer than I have, even) keywords to really learn the core meanings of the cards. Of course you have all sorts of meanings depending on what you’re looking for (description of a person, health issues, timing, etc).


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