Deck of the day: Mystical Lenormand + additional cards

2016-06-30 20.20.45By Regula Fiechter & Urban Trösch (artist)

Publisher: Königsfurt-Urania (also US Games, 2nd ed., 2006)

Type: Lenormand (36 cards, 4 extra cards in a separate pack)

Size: Bridge

2016-06-30 20.19.26

Comes in a tuck box with a booklet. A bigger guidebook is sold separately.

Booklet: 33 pages, gives a few keywords for every card, plus instructions for doing a three card spread, the Runway spread, and the Grand Tableau.

The four extra cards come in a separate deck, and they are: Ahnen, Geistführer, Krafttiere, Engel.

2016-06-30 20.18.39

These cards come with one title card and one info card that gives you the titles of the four extra cards. No other keywords or meanings, though… I think you have to get the kit for that. The kit includes the Lenormand, the Kipper deck, these extra cards, and a book (not the same book as for the Mystical Lenormand). It’s getting complicated 🙂 But if you read German (which I don’t), I think the set is worth it.

The new cards match the original deck in size and cardstock (anything else would be riciculous), so I’ll be trimming these and bronze the edges to match my deck 🙂 If there’s a difference, I think I can see that the print is a tiny bit darker on the extra cards, mostly visible on the backs. But I don’t think it will be noticeable when you shuffle…

Available on Amazon 🙂 The pack of extra cards is available on German Amazon. 🙂


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