Deck of the day: Postcards From My Lover Lenoracle

20160728_082814By Seven Stars / Tarot by Seven

Publisher: Self-published (printed through Make Playing Cards)

Type: Expanded Lenormand (53 cards, 36 + 10 alternatives & 7 extra cards)

Size: Poker


Comes in a plastic box, no booklet, and one title card that gives the meanings of the seven extra cards. All of the card backs are different, each is an image of an old postcard, with or without stamps and writing.

It’s called a “lenoracle” because of the extra cards. I’m not sure if these cards are the same in all of Seven Stars’s lenoracle decks, because this is the first I’ve bought. But if you don’t feel like using these cards, simply remove them, and you have a standard lenormand deck šŸ™‚

The extra card, plus the card with their meanings.
Four choices of men and women. I’m going with the bottom right ones šŸ™‚
Two scythes, two children, two dogs, and two moons.

I got this from Etsy as a combo with the Mini Stamp Lenoracle šŸ™‚ It’s also available on šŸ™‚

Full flip through here šŸ™‚




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