Deck of the day: Mini Stamp Lenoracle


By Seven Stars / Tarot by Seven

Publisher: Self-published (printed through Make Playing Cards)

Type: Expanded Lenormand (43 cards, 36 + 7 extra)

Size: Mini


Comes in a white tuck box, no booklet. There is one title card, but nothing that gives the meanings of the extra cards. If you get this deck in a combo with the Postcards Lenoracle, you have the meanings from there, as the extra cards are the same in both decks. If you get this as a single mini deck (available only on the website, I think), I have no idea how you’d get hold of the meanings…

The extra cards: Roller coaster, Ferris wheel, Fence, Butterfly, Cage, Train, Bridge.

I got this together with the Postcards From My Lover Lenoracle deck from Etsy. Also available as a single mini deck on πŸ™‚

Full flip though here (skip to 4:30 on the video) πŸ™‚


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