DIY divination: Oracle of random


My first oracle deck! πŸ™‚ I’m not sure where I got this idea from, but I guess I just fancied the idea of divination with things, as in physical objects, rather than having cards with abstract notions of “love” and “forgiveness” and whatnot… so I decided to make my own oracle of junk, plus some animals, people, a few plants, and food.

2016-02-11 00.15.40

I can’t draw very well, at least not in the style I wanted this to be, so I traced the images from open source clip art I found online. Drawn on gray paper with black pen, covered with clear contact plastic on the front, and self-adhesive vinyl with a black marble pattern on the back. The size of the cards is the same as the Tarot Nova.


This deck has a lot of cards, and it’s still growing… I just don’t know when to stop, I keep coming up with images I want to include. It’s a work in progress, I suppose I’ll find out which cards work and which don’t when I work with it some more πŸ˜› Maybe I’ll ditch some cards, maybe I’ll figure out some new ones I need. Who knows where this will end?



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