Tarot Perspective: the struggle is real

There’s a new thing happening on Instagram in August, and I really want to join in the fun 🙂 It’s been too long since I did any card challenges… Although, this is more of an experience than an actual challenge. Basically just exploring cards every day 🙂


Sometimes the way we see tarot cards can narrow into tunnel vision as our base understanding of the card meaning locks in and becomes our immediate response to the card coming up. The purpose of this month long experience is to open up our perspective on the cards and begin to see them through different lenses to develop a larger, more layered understanding of each card. The goal is to pick 3 decks to work with, the primary one will be the one you randomly pull a card from and then you will find the same card in your other two decks–this is an invitation to go upward and outward and gain a new perspective on tarot.

I’m already in trouble here, because the thing starts tomorrow, and I still haven’t chosen my decks! My selection is pretty limited at the moment, but that really doesn’t make the choice any easier… I think I can kind of narrow it down to five decks, but three? Heh.


These are the ones that really want to play. The only thing I’m fairly sure of at this point is that the Morgan Greer (center) will be my main deck. And the choice of two side decks is between the Idiosyncradeck and the Stretch Tarot (top), or the Dreaming Way and Deviant Moon (bottom). But the Revelations Tarot (left) want to join as well, except it kind of only wants to as a main deck… And I need to trim it first XD So I think the solution will be to do this experience twice?? The Fairy Tarot (right) would be a fun one, but I don’t know who to pair it with yet… And it also needs a trim before I start using it 😀

I guess I could always use five decks for this, but I also have to consider how much more work that becomes. Because if I can’t be bothered to study five different cards every day (and read the guide book entries), then there’s no point. I’d probably be better off with just three decks, like we’re “supposed” to.

Also, how do you even choose for a thing like this? I know it’s different for everyone and up to us individually to figure that out, but… I’m just struggling. Like, is there a point if the decks are too similar? I suppose they’re supposed to be different decks? Can they be too different for this to work? I’m not putting Thoth or any Marseille decks in my choices for this very reason. Maybe I’d add a Marseille deck if I knew the system well enough to actually get something out of it, but I don’t. Not yet 🙂

So the only thing I’ve decided is that I’ll use an RWS based deck as my main, and then either a very serious vs a playful one, or a dark vs light. Sigh. Someone help me decide…

Btw, the other decks I have that didn’t get this far in the process (but still might if I change my mind), are the Enchanted Tarot (currently being trimmed), three Marseille decks (out for reasons mentioned above), the Gothic Tarot (a pip deck, so basically out with the Marseille ones), The Crystal Tarot (the big one, not the stained glass one), Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, and Tarot of 1001 Nights.


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