New arrivals in July

So, here’s the obscenely long post with the results my shopping spree in July… πŸ˜›

First, the tarot decks:


The Gothic Tarot isn’t one I bought because I want to use it now, but it’s been on my list for a while and I noticed the price drop, so I jumped on it. It’ll come out and play in October πŸ™‚ The Revelations Tarot is from a giveaway on Facebook, from a very generous lady who was clearing out her collection and let people pick one deck they wanted. And of course I got this, since it’s been on my list for a long time. I just never bought it because it was kinda pricey. The Crystal Tarot was this month’s impulse purchase. I’ve seen it on social media and thought it was pretty, and I knew the cards were big, but I fear they’re gonna be just too big for me to use regularly. They are pretty, though πŸ™‚

Oracle decks:

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle, Flower Reading Cards, Food Fortunes, Das GlΓΌckskΓ€fer-Orakel



Wahrsagen mit Karten des Madame Lenormand (set), and Lenormand Wahrsagekarten

Both of these decks are German, and ordered from German Amazon. I’ve seen them on bookdepository as well, but every now and then they go out of stock. The set is pretty good, and from what I can understand of the book, it seems very thorough. The card backs are blank, which surprised me, but the card stock isn’t too shabby, and the cards are a good size πŸ™‚ The other lenormand deck is nice, but not all the cards are as clear as I’d like. And the Fish card is hilarious, because there aren’t any fish in it, but dolphins…

Fairy Tale Fortune Cards and Maybe Lenormand

The Fairy Tale deck has been on my list for ages, but I never got it because the cards are so huge. Seriously, they’re bigger than a standard oracle card… But they’re pretty, and if I can shuffle them, they can be used for small spreads πŸ™‚ The Maybe Lenormand is an extended lenormand, or a playing card deck if you will, because it has 52 cards. The first 36 make up a standard lenny, and then there are 16 more.

Unforgettable Lenormand, Postcards from My Lover & Mini Stamp Lenoracle, Natalie Rose Hand Drawn Lenormand

The first of these is from DivineWalks on Etsy, and the other three are all from Tarot by Seven (bought either from Etsy or her website). The Unforgettable Lenormand is a super pretty deck, but it’s fairly dark and unfortunately doesn’t photograph well. You’ll just have to take my word for it πŸ˜› The two in the middle are a set, bought together as a combo, and they’re both extended with seven extra cards. I mainly got the set because of the mini, but it was worth the cost because the big deck is also very cool. Some cards in it are a bit unclear, so it’s not a deck I’d recommend for a grand tableau, but I’ll use it for simpler spreads πŸ™‚ The Natalie Rose was recently published, not long after I’d ordered the other two from Etsy (they actually all arrived on the same day), and I jumped on the introductory offer with a lower price and free shipping. Super happy I did, because it’s a very pretty deck, with nice and clear images. Will recommend πŸ™‚



CigΓ‘ny KΓ‘rtya (Gypsy Cards) and Arcana Tarot playing cards

The Gypsy Cards is a Hungarian deck I got from ebay. It’s either a bootleg, or it’s just a crappy Hungarian print. The card stock is basically plain cardboard that’s somewhat shiny on the front and completely matte on the back. And the backs are hideous. I’ll trim the titles off, and it’ll end up as a cheap travel deck, I guess. The playing cards are from Dead on Paper. I was really waiting for them to publish the expansion to this deck (into a full tarot deck), but when I saw that shipping didn’t cost as much as I feared, I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer. I can afford to pay the shipping again once the expansion is released πŸ™‚


So… as you can see, I’ve been mainly into Lenormand lately πŸ˜€ I don’t think there are many mass market decks left that I don’t own… Gotta buy ’em all! πŸ™‚

And well… the deck I mentioned last month, that Amazon was gonna find for me, still hasn’t shown up. Got one email from German Amazon saying it was delayed, and I got a new estimated arrival date. It’s a couple of weeks from now, so it better ship soon. Ordered it a second time from Amazon US, so we’ll see which of them ships first πŸ˜› If none of them do, I’ll cancel both and order it in either French or German. We shall see.


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