Deck of the day: Revelations Tarot


By Zach Wong

Publisher: Llewellyn Publishing (2005, sixth printing 2012)

Type: Tarot (78 cards, Strength is 8, Justice is 11)


Suits: Wands, Swords, Pentacles, Cups

Size: 11.7 x 7 cm (standard Llewellyn, I guess)


Comes in a typical box from Llewellyn, a big flimsy thing that seems to be made more for the book than the cards… There’s a white cardboard box inside that’s probably meant for the cards, but it’s much too big and you’ll probably end up using a bag for the deck anyway.

Guidebook: 199 pages with images in black and white. Each of the majors get three pages, the minors get two. Both upright and reversed meanings are given. Four spreads, for three, four, seven and twelve cards.

Court cards
Court cards reversed

The thing with this deck is that the cards are reversible, without being upside down πŸ™‚ The cards are split in two, with the top half as the upright image and the lower half as the reversed image. Turn the card, and the reversed image is on top and the right way up. Super fancy πŸ™‚ The only problem is the Hanged Man, which ends up being upside down however you turn him…


Available on Amazon πŸ™‚

I got this deck from a giveaway on Facebook, from a generous lady who was clearing out some of her collection. I’m very pleased with finally getting this deck, as it had been on my list for a long time, but since it’s a Llewellyn deck, I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself. Not now, at least, while their new cardstock is so shitty. I’m very happy that this deck has their old, thin cardstock, the one that most people find too flimsy. So this was a total win πŸ˜€


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