DIY divination: Bollan’s Lenormand

2016-03-23 15.11.33

My fifth lenormand deck! Now that I’ve counted, it feels slightly nuts πŸ˜› But well, this one had to happen eventually. I’ve been searching all over for hedgehog decks, or even decks with just one or two hogs in them, but they are few. So I made my own πŸ˜€

2016-03-25 02.10.56

One day I just knew how the deck was gonna look, because there’s a certain way to draw The Boll, and I started sketching. Before I knew it, the deck was done. I traced the cards around the Tarot Nova (as with my random oracle), drew the cards, finished the lines with black pen, before shrinking it to 71% with a photo copier (basically, I shrunk the copies from A4 to A5). Then I colored them with color pencils, covered the fronts with clear plastic and the backs with self-adhesive gold foil. The metal foil is quite stiff and gives the cards a slight bend, but they shuffle great. I’m so happy with this deck πŸ˜€

Full flip through here πŸ™‚



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