Deck of the day: The Transparent Oracle


By Emily Carding

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (2010)

Type: Oracle deck (70 cards)

Size: 14 cm diameter


Comes in a hinged box with magnetic closure, with a guidebook and a white spreadcloth (45 × 45 cm). The deck is made to be compatible with the Transparent Tarot, or it can be used on its own. You can either lay them out as regular cards, or put them on top of each other to make new and fancy images and patterns 🙂


Right out of the box the cards are filthy, like they’re covered with something oily to keep them from sticking together or something (it’s not working, though), it made my fingers all sticky when I shot the flip through… A rinse with water fixed the tarot deck, so it’ll probably fix this deck as well.

Guidebook: 128 pages. The cards are divided into seven groups, or directions, as the book explains. North, South, East, West, and Above, Below and Within. Each direction has ten cards. The four compass directions have the same: Gateway, Weather, Element, Time of day, Landscape, 4 Guides, and Elemental. The other three directions have other things, such as some of the planets. There is a black and white image and a page and a half of text for each card, plus a page for notes after each direction. You also get tips and instructions for using the cards, and three different spreads.

Available on Amazon 🙂

Full flip through here 🙂



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