#52tarot: week eleven

Well, I’ve missed a bunch of weeks, but now I’m back with what is now last week’s prompt πŸ™‚

Tell us…

What brought down the tower?

(The Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt)

I thought about this prompt for several days without getting any closer to an answer, and I wasn’t sure which deck I’d pick for the post, but then the Crystal Tarot arrived, and I knew πŸ™‚

Here, in this card, what brought down the Tower seems to be an exploded meth lab. I mean, just look at all those crystals on the ground… The lightning strike actually has nothing to do with anything, it’s just an extra poke from the universe.

“Hah, told you you shouldn’t have done that!”

No, but more seriously, I feel like the fall has happened because someone or something went too far, and the dam broke. Too much pressure. Someone stacked the pile too high and it fell over. Maybe it would have remained standing if more people were involved to help, to share the load? Or maybe there was a cook too many. Either way, it seems to be caused by something internal, something someone involved did, and not some freak natural disaster from outside.

But, you know, sometimes shit just happens.

(The crystals are titanium quartz, btw.)

Link to original post here πŸ™‚


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