Deck of the day: The Crystal Tarot


By Philip Permutt, art by Emma Garner

Publisher: Cico Books (2010)

Type: Tarot (78 cards, Strength is 8, Justice is 11)

Suits: Wands, Swords, Pentacles, Cups

Size: 8 x 13 cm

Card back: Not quite reversible


Comes in a two-part box that opens on the side, with a guidebook. It has a cardboard bit that’s supposed to hold the book and cards in place, but it doesn’t quite work when the cards are unwrapped…

Guidebook: 64 pages with plenty of color illustrations. There are two new spreads in the book, for four and eight cards. It also gives keywords for the numbers (Ace to ten, plus court cards) and the chakras. Each of the majors get a full page, with planet or star sign, crystal and chakra. You get interpretation, and a paragraph about the crystal in the card. The minors are two per page.


The minors are basically pip cards, only with crystals in them and either a background or some embellishments that show the corresponding elements.

Court cards

Available on Amazon πŸ™‚

Full flip through here πŸ™‚


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