Deck of the day: Fairy Tarot


By Antonio Lupatelli

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo (2004)

Type: Tarot deck (78 cards, Justice is 8, Strength is 11)

Suits: Acorns (Wands = air), Leaves (Swords = fire), Bells (Coins), and Hearts (Cups)

Size: Standard Lo Scarabeo (12 x 6.6 cm) and mini (8 x 4.4 cm)

Regular size
Mini deck

Available both as a regular size deck and a mini deck. Both come in tuck boxes with booklets. I’ve heard something about Llewellyn publishing a new version of this, with different backs (and borders, I think). The regular-size version that I have has different backs than those I’ve seen before (which are the same as on the mini version), and instead of the hideous multilingual nonsense there are just numbers. This makes me think I actually have Llewellyn’s edition, even though both the box and the booklet says Lo Scarabeo…

Some altered names in the Major Arcana: The Elf (Fool), The Dryad (Justice), The Oread (Wheel), The Sylph (Temperance), The Troll (Devil), The Naiad (Star), The Globe (World).


The booklet of the mini deck is very generic, and almost identical to the one from the mini Tarot of Gnomes. Some card names and suit names have been changed to match the deck, but the keywords are the same. In the big booklet, you get a little more information specific to the deck, but not a lot. It’s a typical Lo Scarabeo booklet, after all… Multiple languages and everything. There is a guidebook available separately, though, which gives quite a bit of insight to the artist’s thoughts about the cards. For instance, you get translations of the Latin phrases on the aces 🙂

Court cards

As you can probably see from the photos above, there are some color differences. The colors in the big version are brighter and a little more even, which is probably because the print quality of the small deck is generally poorer. You can also see that the court cards only have symbols and no text at all.

Available on Amazon 🙂

Full flip through here 🙂



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