Deck of the Day: The Byzantine Tarot


By John Matthews and Cilla Conway (artist)

Publisher: Connections (2015)

Type: Tarot (78 cards, Justice is 8, Strength is 11)


Suits: Staffs (Wands = air), Swords (fire), Coins, Cups

Court cards: Page, Knight, Countess, Count

Size: 13.2 x 7.6 cm


Comes in a big two-part box with a cardboard inlay that doesn’t hold the cards in place when you take the plastic waistband off, and a big guidebook.

Some majors have changed names: Holy Fool, Magus (Magician), Sophia (High Priestess), Patriarch (Hierophant), Charioteer (Chariot), Fortitude (Strength), Diabolos (Devil), Kosmos (World).


Guidebook: 160 pages, printed with purple ink. The introduction explains how the images were created and what was their inspiration (at least for some cards), and John Matthews also explains his reasoning for switching the elements of the Swords and Wands. Each of the majors get two pages each, the minors get one. There are four spreads, for six, seven, fourteen and twenty two cards, with sample readings.

Court cards

Available on Amazon 🙂

Full flip through here 🙂

Note: This deck will definitely be trimmed. I didn’t plan to originally, but the size of the cards and thickness of the deck makes it really hard for me to handle. The cardstock is pretty bad as well, the corners are ragged and cut unevenly, and some edges are chipped. Not as good as you’d expect for a deck in this price range. Also, the copyright on the back of the cards (thankfully on both sides, so they’re at least symmetrical), is displaced in some of the cards, which means that you’d be able to tell if the cards are reversed… The card backs have lighter and darker corners (for an aged effect, I suppose), but then some cards are dark and light on the opposite side, as if the card backs are printed upside down or something… Seriously, how difficult was this deck to print..? (The Enchanted Tarot, from the same publisher, is the same size and has the same cardstock, but was slightly better cut. But the images were printed off-center and one of the cards had a tear in one side. I always planned to trim that deck, but others might have been bothered by those things and requested a replacement or a refund.)



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