Deck of the day: Thoth Tarot


By Aleister Crowley, art by Lady Frieda Harris

Publisher: Weiser Books (1978, 1983), U. S. Games (2006)

Type: Tarot (78 cards, Strength is 8, Justice is 11)

Size: Too big, and pocket size (8.9 x 5.7 cm)

Suits: Wands, Swords, Disks, Cups

Court cards: Princess, Prince, Queen, Knight

Some majors have altered names: The Magus, The Priestess, Adjustment (Justice), Fortune, Lust (Strength), Art (Temperance), The Aeon (Judgement), The Universe

Majors with changed titles

Comes in a tuck box with a booklet. I have two versions/sizes of this deck, the large standard size in a green box, and a pocket size deck in a blue box. I think maybe there is a size in between these two, in a purple box.


Standard large size in the green box (which I no longer have). Borders are trimmed, so it’s smaller than it was


Pocket size deck

Booklet: 50 pages. The meanings of the cards are given in three sections. First you get a list of keywords for each card, both normal and “ill-dignified”. There are no reversed meanings as such; whether a card is well- or ill-dignified depends on the cards that surround it. This is determined by suit. (How a Major is determined by the suits I don’t know, the booklet doesn’t say…) In the second and third parts, each card is described and some of the symbolism is explained very briefly. There is one 15-card spread in the booklet, and the tarot Tree of Life.

Court cards

Available on Amazon 🙂



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