Deck of the day: Hermetic Tarot


By Godfrey Dowson

Publisher: U.S. Games (2006)

Type: Tarot (78 cards, Strength is 8, Justice is 11)

Size: 12 x 7 cm (standard US Games)

Card back: not quite reversible

Suits: Wands (fire), Swords (air), Pentacles (earth), Cups (water)

Court cards: Princess, Knight, Queen, King

Some majors have changed titles: The Foolish Man, Fortitude (Strength), The Blasted Tower, The Last Judgement, Universe (World)


Comes in a tuck box with a booklet. The deck is printed all in black and white. It is quite similar to the Thoth Tarot in some ways. It has more or less the same keywords on the cards, some of the images are very similar, but the order of the court cards and the order and titles of the majors are more traditional like the RWS rather than the Thoth.


Booklet: 70 pages. Each major gets almost a page of meanings and symbol explanations, the minors get about a half page. Both upright and reversed meanings are given. The spread is the Celtic Cross. In addition you get some explanation of the elements, the Tree of Life, astrological symbols and Hebrew letters (although very briefly).


Available on Amazon 🙂


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