Deck mods: Trimming the Crystal Tarot

There are so many ways of trimming this deck, I thought I’d show my process, maybe it’ll help others decide when they see what it might look like 🙂


First of all, this is a Lo Scarabeo deck, and of course it had those horrible multilingual borders that they do. So they just had to go if I was ever going to use this deck. I honestly wouldn’t have bought it if I couldn’t trim it… Now, if all that text doesn’t bother you and you just want it a little smaller, there are options 🙂

Cut around the print on the back, leaving all the text and a bit of white border on the sides as well. Depending on the size of your corner rounder, some text might get cut off…

If you don’t want the cards to be super small (because they will be if you trim them completely, and you want to keep as much of the image as possible, you can take the text off as well, leaving the white stripes across the top and bottom, as well as some border on the sides.

You will lose some of the back print if you remove the text bits on the top and bottom, but nothing on the sides…

A third option is to remove all text as well as the little lines of picture on top and bottom of the cards. This leaves a small white border which looks pretty good if you prefer the images to be framed 🙂

Cut the white borders on the sides from the back, and cut off the strip of image and text from the front…

For the smallest version, cut all around the image from the front. This shrinks the cards a lot, so you’ll end up with a pocket-sized deck. It would fit in an Altoids tin if it wasn’t too thick…


Of course I chose to trim it completely, shrinking the deck from 12×6.6 cm to a cute 9.1×5.6 cm. Lost a lot of weight, too, without all those borders 😀 I rounded the corners with a 3 mm cutter. At some point I’ll do something with the edges as well. Maybe gold or green.


So if you’re looking for a bright little deck to keep in a purse, this is a good one 🙂


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