Rant: Gimme all the mini things

I’ve always liked small things, and of course mini tarot and lenormand decks are no exception πŸ˜€


I have a few mini decks, most of them bought because they were cheaper than their big versions, but I haven’t really used them that much. I struggle to shuffle them properly, the cards are so narrow that they just keep flipping over. My main problem with the Lo Scarabeo minis I think is the ratio, because I don’t have any problems shuffling mini lenormand decks, which are even smaller. But they are wider and have fewer cards. Then again, I used to be a terrible shuffler. I still suck, but I’ve improved, and maybe some day I won’t have any problems with small decks at all πŸ™‚

I recently got the pocket sized Thoth deck (by U.S. Games), which I first thought was about the same size as a mini Lo Scarabeo deck, only wider, but I see now that the pocket size is bigger. USG mini decks are apparently even smaller! Must get my hands on a mini Rider Waite to find out πŸ™‚


The small decks in tins (also by US Games) are a different size again. I know people call them mini decks, but they are actually bigger than the pocket size…


Comparing a USG deck in a tin, a poker-sized lenormand, the pocket-sized Thoth, a mini Lo Scarabeo, a mini lenormand, and the itty bitty Tiny Universal Waite Tarot (by US Games)

On my mini wishlist I have the mini Ceccoli Tarot, because I trimmed the regular one and now I struggle to tell what some of the cards are… so a mini would be a good backup πŸ˜› Same with the Pagan Cats Tarot. I’d also love the mini Klimt and the Dragons Tarot (the red one) because I have the regular size and would like to trim it.

And also I need all the decks in tins. So many tins! I have the Morgan Greer, Gummy Bear, Vanessa, Halloween Tarot and Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand, but I need the rest as well. Someone said the Aquarian Tarot would be borderless, but a reviewer on Amazon said it isn’t. So sad. But the Sun and Moon will have black borders, so that’s super awesome πŸ™‚ The Fairy Tale Lenormand is of course a must-have πŸ˜€ The only one I’m not particularly interested in, is the Radiant Rider Waite, and that’s basically because I have the regular size, and the borders on that deck is a sin, so I can only imagine how small the images will be on the tin version… but maybe I can trim it and have a truly tiny deck? And the trimmed regular deck will probably fit in the tin. Hmm…

Perhaps I’ll someday have them all πŸ˜€

Well. Useless post… But I know people like small decks that are easy to put in a bag for travels or whatnot, so here you go πŸ™‚ I don’t do any readings outside the house, so to me, these are just cute little things to collect πŸ˜›


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