New arrivals in September

So… did I say I would slow down with the buying? Did I talk about some plan to only get a couple of decks per month?

Huh. Must have slipped my mind.

There were a couple of new releases this month that I always planned to get, so they sort of don’t count. Heh. (One of them is on its way, but it didn’t arrive before the weekend, so I’ll put it in next month’s post…) And some others were bought so I’d have them for the beginning of Halloween month, to use for challenges and stuff 😀

First, the tarot decks…

So I kind of went on a mini shopping spree after my post about small decks… And one of these weren’t even on my wishlist. Oops 😛 I had to get the mini Ceccoli because I trimmed my regular size deck and now I have problems recognizing some of the cards. Heh. I also got the Ceccoli Oracle, which I would have bought a long time ago, but I’m still on a Llewellyn ban, so I had to wait for the Lo Scarabeo edition to come back in stock. I think they had some printing issues, so it’s taken a few months. And after waiting for so long, a few more days won’t be a problem XD I got the mini Royo Dark Tarot basically because I suddenly needed it and the big one was sold out, and the mini RWS because duh 😛

The Xultun Tarot is a deck I’ve been after for a long time, but I’d forgotten about it until it suddenly showed up on a recommendations thing on bookdepository. And when I saw the price, I just got it 🙂 The RWS Centennial is just a must-have and I figured it was time, and the Secret Tarot was the impulse purchase of the month… I got the Hanson-Roberts because of its size, since I’m into mini decks at the moment, and after trimming it’ll be even smaller 🙂

The Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt suddenly became available sooner than expected, and I just bought it immediately. Been waiting for it since I first heard about it, and I’m very excited to start using it 🙂 The Kipper deck has also been on my list for a long time, even though I don’t actually read kipper. Yet 😛 There’s a challenge/learning thingy happening in October, and I’ll definitely jump on that now that I have this pretty 🙂 I just wish it was smaller, though…

After Gods and Titans, I had to have its sister deck, the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle. I can honestly say it’s the only deck I’ve bought that I knew beforehand I wouldn’t like. So. I’ve looked at it, and I’ll do both a quick review and a more in-depth review and comparison of the two decks at some point, but ugh… Not yet. I got the Druid Plant Oracle as a companion for the Druid Animal Oracle, which I really really like. I’ve been looking for the English version, but it’s out of print and ridiculously expensive, so I got the German version, which is still in print. I’m far from fluent in German, but with patience and a dictionary, I can almost read most of the guidebook 🙂

Ooh, and I also got this, the Art Therapy Coloring kit 🙂 Isn’t it cute? It’s a set with 50 small cards to color, and a small pack of color pencils. I saw it on YouTube, where someone said it could be perfect for divination, and I figured why not 🙂 It’s not an expensive kit. I might only color some of the cards, or just parts of the images, because I really like them the way they are 🙂

And finally – finally – I have the Celtic Tree Oracle in my hands 😀 This is the deck I was talking about all summer, the one that was ordered in June and kept being delayed because it was out of stock (and I suspect also out of print). It finally became available and shipped a few weeks after I went home after the summer holiday, and so it arrived at my mother’s house shortly after that. It wasn’t a huge problem, since I knew she’d be visiting in the beginning of October and could bring it with her. She arrived last night, just in time for me to include the deck in the September post 🙂
Next month won’t be this crazy, I promise 🙂 But I seriously hope I’ll have a very exciting deck to show you…


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