Long time…

So it’s been a while. Figured I should post something since I got a new follower the other day… Hi! 🙂

I don’t exactly remember when I last posted on this blog, but probably some time last fall. So about a year ago? See, the thing is that all my interests come and go in phases, and I just sort of moved on to other things. I’ve still been acquiring a few new decks here and there, but posting very little about them on my social media, and not done any challenges. I figured I’ll never be a reader, so I kind of gave up. Still love cards, though, still love to collect them and look at them and handle them 😀

But I’ve definitely slowed down on the buying. I’m only getting decks that have been on my list for some time, and none of the impulse purchases. Saves me some money 😛 

So I’ve bought five decks this summer, and I’ll try to post about them soon! Have a lot of post drafts saved as well, I’ll try to get them published in not too long. And who knows, maybe I’ll get back to doing challenges and stuff some time, too 🙂


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