About me, huh?

I bought my first tarot deck in 2000 and have been collecting ever since. I’ve been trying to learn to read as well, on and off, and more seriously for about a year or so. I still suck at it.

Mostly a hoarder of decks; playing cards, tarot, lenormand and oracles. And whatever other divination system that catches my fancy, such as runes, story telling dice, ogham, geomancy or i ching…

I’m not a serious collector in the sense that I need to have every deck in first edition and mint condition, unopened on the shelf, but I like to collect stuff and I don’t really feel like I can have too many decks 🙂 In the beginning I was much more a collector than a reader, so I just bought decks that looked cool, and I tried to get as many different kinds as possible. I didn’t feel like I needed two that were too similar. These days, after I started learning more seriously, I buy decks with the intention of actually using them, and I hesitate to get decks that I don’t think I’ll really want to use once I have them. But I do get some of those anyway – I suppose that’s unavoidable when you buy a lot of decks over a short period of time. So there are definitely decks in my collection that looked super awesome on the internet, but were just ‘meh’ when I got them, and that will probably never be used. Poor things. But then, that’s where my hoarder instinct kicks in… no matter how much a deck may disappoint me, and how much I eventually will come to dislike it (it has happened), I just can’t bear to part with them. They are all my babies.

Some quick facts, for those who may be curious:

  • Norwegian
  • Apparently female
  • Born in 1983
  • Failed academic
  • Mostly unemployed
  • Allergic to anything with fur
  • Hedgehog enthusiast
  • Hate spiders with a vengeance
  • Potty-mouth
  • A little too fond of red wine and chocolate
  • Terrible shuffler
  • First tarot: Dragon Tarot
  • First oracle: Earth Magic
  • First lenormand: Under the Roses