Deck of the day: Das Glückskäfer-Orakel

(Ladybug Oracle) By Gayan Sylvie Winter and Lynn Aman (art) Publisher: Urania / AGM (2005) Type: Oracle deck (40 cards) Size: mini playing cards (slightly taller than a mini lenormand) Comes in a tuck box (originally attached to a bigger cardboard thingy for hanging), with a 31-page booklet of meanings. The cards only have numbers … More Deck of the day: Das Glückskäfer-Orakel

#52tarot: week two

The prompt for the second week of this challenge: Flip through your deck, and find your favorite animal. Write about it. Anything at all.   I knew which card I’d pick for this as soon as I saw the prompt 🙂 This is the Ace of Leaves (Swords) from my mini Fairy Tarot deck, with … More #52tarot: week two